Best Moonshine Flavors in 2021: Midnight Moon Awards

Written by 'Courtney Doss' on November 30, 2021 / Moonshine

With the year winding down, it’s time to celebrate our moonshine flavors and award them with superlatives. Of course, every jar of Midnight Moon is a winner, but each flavor has a special perk that you get to enjoy when you sip some Midnight Moon ‘shine.

These superlatives may be silly, but they can also inspire the best parties in the new year. No need to wait, though, there’s still plenty of time to party like it’s 1920 (you know, like when we had Prohibition and moonshine was illegal).

Get out your flapper attire if you’d like – it’s time to announce the best moonshine awards in 2021:

Midnight Moon Original Wins “Most Likely to Make Your Dreams Come True”

Midnight Moon 80 Proof Moonshine Mule Cocktail
Midnight Moon 80 Proof Moonshine Mule

There’s something to be said about versatility, and Midnight Moon Original moonshine nails it. Craving a Moscow Mule? How about a Bloody Mary?

No matter which cocktail is on your mind, our 100- and 80-proof ‘shine is here to make your dreams come true (especially when you check out all our best moonshine recipes!). Our Original ‘shine is the ingredient you need to easily make any drink you’d like.

Apple Pie Moonshine Wins “Most Likely to Make You Feel at Home”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Apple Pie Old Fashioned Cocktail
Midnight Moon Apple Pie Old Fashioned

Midnight Moon Apple Pie is the winner of “Best Flavored Whiskey” from John Barleycorn Awards Fall 2021.  Click Here for Results.

When you bite into a piece of apple pie, you feel like you’re home again; Midnight Moon’s Apple Pie moonshine gives you the same warm, nostalgic feeling. That’s how real our flavors are. Whenever you’re feeling homesick for mama’s cooking or simply want something that tastes homemade, our apple pie moonshine is the cure.

Cherry Moonshine Wins “Best Celebratory Drink”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Junior's Cherry Cola
Midnight Moon Junior’s Cherry Cola

When it’s time to celebrate a win in your life, Midnight Moon’s Cherry moonshine is the way to go. Whether it’s as big as announcing a promotion or as simple as having a good day, our ‘shine is the cherry on top. No really – you could use our moonshine cherries and add them to the top of your celebratory ice cream sundaes. The possibilities are endless!

Peach Moonshine Wins “Most Likely to Live in Paradise”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Peach Moonrise Cocktail
Midnight Moon Peach Moonrise

You can never go wrong bringing the peach (‘shine) to the beach. Midnight Moon Peach moonshine is all you need to feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Whether you like our peach moonrise recipe or simply want some spiked peach tea, all you need to do is snap your fingers and voila – you’ve just made yourself a very happy person.

Dill Pickle Moonshine Wins “Favorite Sports Fan Drink”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Pickle Back Shot
Midnight Moon Pickle Back Shot

Even though you’re watching sports or a NASCAR race, a big part of the day is the food (and drinks!) – Midnight Moon’s Dill Pickle moonshine will pair well with your sandwiches, and our pickle and beer recipe is prime for any game day. You just became Junior Johnson’s best friend.

Blackberry Moonshine Wins “Best ‘Shine for Camping”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Blackberry Ginger Splash Cocktail
Midnight Moon Blackberry Ginger Splash

When you’re sleeping under the moon, you need our dark side of the Moon. Midnight Moon Blackberry moonshine is all-natural (like the rest of our flavors) and bold. In fact, it’s the perfect ‘shine to share with friends around a campfire because it will appeal to just about everyone’s taste buds; plus, it’s easy to pass around when it’s in a jar. Our blackberry ‘shine may be dark, but it sure lights up a camp-out.

Strawberry Moonshine Wins “Best Day-Drinking ‘Shine”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Strawberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail
Midnight Moon Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Midnight Moon’s Strawberry moonshine is basically the same stuff you use on a PB & J for lunch, just with a little extra kick. While our strawberry ‘shine is just as sweet and delicious as jam, it’s also the perfect pairing for any dessert you may devour throughout the day. Strawberries and cream, anyone?

Watermelon Moonshine Wins “Best Happy Hour ‘Shine”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Watermelon Lemonade Cocktail
Midnight Moon Watermelon Lemonade

Midnight Moon’s Watermelon moonshine screams happy hour. It’s pink, it’s fruity and it’s ready for a good time. Whether you sip this ‘shine straight from the jar or serve up our favorite watermelon recipes, you’ll see watermelon high on everyone’s lists. How can you pass up a watermelon mojito or watermelon limeade slush?

Blueberry Moonshine Wins “Most Likely to Go Hiking”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Blueberry Champagne Cocktail
Midnight Moon Blueberry Champagne

Midnight Moon Blueberry moonshine belongs outdoors, just like you. There’s nothing better than a cool, delicious drink after a long hike. We know our blueberry ‘shine tastes like sweet victory. So next time you’re heading to a trailhead, don’t forget your blueberry lemonade (or our blueberry & champagne cocktail if it’s a special occasion).

Lightning Lemonade Moonshine Wins “Summer’s Most Refreshing Drink”

Midnight Moon Lightning Lemonade Tea Cocktail
Midnight Moon Lightning Lemonade Tea

When you think summer, we think lemonade – Midnight Moon’s Lightning Lemonade moonshine, to be exact. You can never go wrong with a sweet yet tart drink on a hot day. The best part is, your summer cocktails will never be boring – we have plenty of lemonade ‘shine recipes to keep you cool all summer long.

Cinnamon Moonshine Wins “Jack Frost’s Biggest Rival”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Cinnamon Cider Cocktail
Midnight Moon Cinnamon Cider

Midnight Moon’s Cinnamon moonshine brings the warmth just when you need it. Whether you’re taking a Hot Shot or want to enjoy a warm cider with your friends, our cinnamon ‘shine is the perfect way to counteract the chilly weather. Cozy up for a game night or sip it by the bonfire – either way, our ‘shine and your friends will warm up the soul.

Raspberry Moonshine Wins “Best First Date Drink”

Midnight Moon Moonshine Raspberry Lemoncello Cocktail
Midnight Moon Raspberry Lemoncello

We all need a little luck on our first dates, and Midnight Moon Raspberry moonshine delivers. Our raspberries add a sweet kiss to a wild ride, and isn’t that what we’re looking for on our dates? Don’t worry, the first sweet impression is definitely there, but there’s also some depth that will keep you interested for the long haul.

Special Mention: Moonshine Canned Cocktails

Though our Midnight Moon flavors in the canned cocktails are already listed above, these moonshine drinks deserve a special mention since they’re premade and ready to go when you are. Simply grab your lemonade or watermelon cocktail-in-a-can and bring an instant party with you wherever you go.

No matter which award speaks to you most, you can rest assured that Midnight Moon is delicious, all-natural and legal. We make our moonshine with all the care in the world – Junior Johnson’s legacy deserves it. It’s easy to buy our moonshine online or in stores. Cheers to a great 2021!