Meet Our Moonshine Canned Cocktails

Written by 'Midnight Moon Moonshine' on November 17, 2021 / Moonshine

Though moonshine typically comes in a mason jar, Midnight Moon also offers ready-to-drink,  canned cocktails. Our cocktails-in-a-can are ready-to-go whenever and wherever you want to go.

There’s nothing wrong with mixing your own moonshine drinks – in fact, we have plenty of delicious moonshine recipes for you to try. Our canned cocktails are simply another quick and easy way to enjoy our ‘shine when you’re heading outdoors.

There are three ways to enjoy moonshine, and Midnight Moon has them all covered. You can:

  1. Drink our Midnight Moon Original moonshine straight at 100 proof or 80 proof (we recommend over ice).
  2. Use any of our all-natural moonshine infused flavors to craft a unique spin on a classic cocktail or to create your own unique drink.
  3. Go the easy route with our ready-to-drink, moonshine canned cocktails.

No matter which way you choose, we are sure that our ‘shine will turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Canned Cocktail - Watermelon
Midnight Moon Moonshine Watermelon Canned Cocktail

Benefits of Moonshine Canned Cocktails vs. Mason Jar Drinks

Moonshine canned cocktails are the obvious choice if you’re heading outdoors or want a no-hassle, premade mixed drink. No matter where you’re going, our Midnight Moon moonshine cocktails-in-a-can shine.

For example, how awesome is it that you can now take a lil’ ‘shine with you on your next outdoor escape? Whether you plan on taking the pool or beach party to the next level, or enjoying a weekend camping and kicking back with friends, you no longer have to worry about broken glass.

Not to mention how convenient is it to be able to pick up a 4-pack of your favorite ‘shine and surprise your friends with some great tasting cocktails without having to drag along all the mixers. Never mind the mess.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Canned Cocktails
Midnight Moon Moonshine Canned Cocktails

Moonshine Takes the Seltzer Trend to the Next Level

If convenience and simplicity isn’t enough of a reason to convert to canned cocktails, there’s also the ongoing canned seltzer trend. Sure, there are tons of vodka seltzers on the market, but how often can you enjoy some ‘shine in a can?

The market is oversaturated with companies putting their own twist on vodka seltzers in a can. Between the fun flavors and the convenience, there’s a new brand to try each week. What sets Midnight Moon canned cocktails apart is they start with our base moonshine, are 8% alcohol and, unlike seltzers, they actually taste great.

How crazy is it that moonshine used to be illegal? Don’t get us wrong, ‘shine can still be made illegally, but we have the permits to share Junior Johnson’s legacy with you. What used to be inaccessible is now easily found online and in your local liquor store. There is no reason to not buy moonshine online, especially because once you try Midnight Moon canned cocktails, you won’t be going back to seltzers.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Canned Cocktail, Lightning Lemonade.
Midnight Moon Moonshine Lightning Lemonade Canned Cocktail

Best Canned Cocktails Thanks to Midnight Moon’s Real Moonshine Flavors

Midnight Moon makes moonshine with a focus on making its ‘shine taste like Mother Nature  intended – naturally.  So you get real flavors no matter how you drink it. Our canned cocktails are not only convenient, but also delicious.

Midnight Moon introduced its moonshine canned-cocktails with three awesome flavors.

The Midnight Moon Lightning  lemonade moonshine canned cocktail is made with all-natural flavors and delivers a refreshing taste with just the right balance of tart and sweet.

Midnight Moon’s second canned cocktail is Watermelon. Our watermelon canned cocktail is also made with all-natural flavors and tastes like you just bit into a slice of real watermelon, but it’s guaranteed not to have seeds.

Midnight Moon’s newest canned cocktail is Peach Tea. The peach tea canned cocktail has the delicate sweetness of a fresh ripe peach soaked in shine and blended with sun tea.

Next time you’re heading out or about to catch a game on the couch, reach for a Midnight Moon canned cocktail. They’re convenient and delicious; plus our ‘shine is a unique option that will take your parties to the next level.

Grab it. Sip it. Share it. Your taste buds (and your friends) will thank you.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Canned Cocktails:  Lightning Lemonade, Watermelon, and Peach Tea.
Midnight Moon’s Canned Cocktails: Lightning Lemonade, Watermelon and Peach Tea