Midnight Moon Moonshine
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Midnight Moon Living Label



Welcome to the new Midnight Moon Limited Edition Label AR Experience. Play the video below to learn more.


To hear Junior tell his story on your phone, click on the App Store (Apple phones) or Google Play (Android phones) buttons below and download the Midnight Moon app.


“I reckon speed runs in my blood. Just like moonshine.” Junior Johnson

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Midnight Moon: the defiant spirit for the rebel in us all.

Midnight Moon Mobile AR App FAQ

Last updated June 2019

What Midnight Moon bottles will work with the app?

This app will activate experiences using the Limited Edition Prohibition 100th Anniversary Moonshine Bust. This is the 100 proof 750 ML size in the United States.

Why is my camera screen black when I try to use the experience?

Please make sure that you have given the app access to use the camera on your device. This appears when you first open the app after download. To give the app access, please re-install the app and select ‘Yes’ when prompted.

What phones or devices can I use with this app?

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Supported phones for Android include the 6 model and up including the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy models. iOS devices that are supported are from 6 and up including iPad.

I accidentally entered the wrong birthday - am I locked out for good?

No, you are not permanently locked out of the app. You can restart the app or re-download to enter your correct age and gain access.

How do I move through the experience?

Once you have entered your correct birth year, you may start the experience after the Instructions page or by selecting “Start Experience” from the hamburger menu at any time. Once in the camera screen, place your phone camera in front of the Midnight Moon Limited Edition Junior Johnson bottle to start the experience.

What do I do if my app crashes?

First, try closing and restarting the app. If the problem persists, try deleting the app and re-installing. If you continue to have problems, email support at info@piedmontdistillers.com.

How do I share these experiences with my friends?

To share the app, select the share icon on the lower right hand corner of the camera activation screen. From there, you may choose where you would like to share the app.

Why is the app taking so long to load?

Please check to be sure you are using a supported mobile device. The experience may be slower on older devices that are lower than a model 6.

Why will my bottle not activate?

Be sure that you are in a well-lit space to activate the AR experience. If the issue persists, please try deleting and reinstalling the app. Also be sure that you are in a good distance: frame the label in your camera space without getting too close or too far away for the camera to see.

Midnight Moon Mobile AR App Privacy Policy

Last updated June 2019

Piedmont Distillers, Inc. is the operator of the Midnight Moon AR Experience app. This privacy policy is intended to inform you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of users of the app.

Social Media Sharing

This app allows you to share predefined image(s) from this app to social media apps and services that are already on your device. These images do not identify you the user, and are the same for all users. However, sharing the image (and any commentary that you supply) will identify you as a user of this app to others on social media.

Use of Camera

This app utilizes the video camera on your device. We do not use the camera images for any purpose other than image recognition and registration for the AR functionality. No images from the video camera are captured or stored or transmitted by this app.

Analytics Data

We periodically send data from this app to an analytics service in order to understand how users are using this app and to improve it. This data is anonymized and used in aggregate, meaning that we do not collect any information of a personal nature about users. We do not use the analytics service to track, collect or upload any data that could be used to personally identify an individual.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at info@piedmontdistillers.com.