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Written by 'Midnight Moon Moonshine' on October 7, 2021 / news

Midnight Moon Moonshine has canned cocktails.

Written by Duuude Crew – October 6th, 2021

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Moonshine Meet Cocktails.

When we first heard of Moonshine we pictured Cousin Eddy brewing up some random 100 proof drink in the backwoods out of a Home Depot bucket. A lot has changed-and moonshine has come a long way since then. Midnight Moonshine hit the scene with their canned Moonshine and recently launched their Watermelon and Lemonade Cocktails in a Can.

With Midnight Moonshine you can sip on their variety of moonshine blends and not question if you’ll pass out like Doc from Back to The Future. Well, unless you try all their flavors at once (they have a lot by the way). New flavors and spins on cocktail drinks were all the rage in 2021, and now with the Moonshine in a Can-the party won’t stop this fall. Our crew cracked open a can and gave these a test drive on the ole’ flavor tastebuds.


Midnight Moon is inspired by Junior Johnson’s family moonshine recipe and – true to the roots of moonshine – it is made from 100% American corn and handcrafted in small batches. Using use a state-of-the-art distillation process to make a superior quality spirits, these canned moonshine concoctions are very clean and ultra-smooth. Midnight Moon does not have the harsh, heavy corn taste people often associate with illegal moonshine. It’s then blended with ultra-clean water that has been through a five-step filtration process, and the result is a very smooth spirit with a subtle sweetness from the corn.

Midnight Moon Moonshine:  Grab it. Sip it. Share it.


The lineup from (MMM) Midnight Moon Moonshine (say that 3x fast after drinking a can) includes flavor varieties like Blackberry, Cherry, Lemonade, Apple Pie, Peach, even Dill Pickles. Yeah, you read that right. MMM just launched their two flagship canned moonshine drinks, bringing moonshine into the world of backyard BBQ portability and Cooler-coolness. The two flavors in a can feature their Lemonade and Watermelon flavors. Both aiming to offer the same moonshine goodness from jar to can!

Our initial duuude impression: Let’s crack open some ‘shine, shall we?


Our crew grabbed the cans of Moonshine, dropped in the ole ice chest, chilled for a bit and then got into the biz. No joke…we had to write this well after we sampled, cause we sampled HARD….ya feel?

Lightning Lemonade

Perfectly balanced lemonade cocktail, slightly sweet and tart, that delivers a “shine” struck classic lemonade experience.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Lightning Lemonade Canned Cocktail.

This ain’t grandmas lemonade we will tell you that. The moonshine was smooth and has a very clean finish. Not bitter in the slightest, and a bit more sweet than a flavored water (for comparison). The lemonade sweetness was by no means overpowering. Super crisp, and had a very subtle tartness here and there. With 8% ALC/VOL, we could see getting a bit out of hand with this if you don’t mind the sweetness of lemonade.


With the crisp sweetness of a fresh picked watermelon soaked in shine, our watermelon cocktail is guaranteed to be seedless.

Midnight Moon Moonshine Watermelon Canned Cocktail.

Welp, there goes our afternoon. We cracked open the Watermelon flavor and this is some scary shit. No joke, we could sip this all day and not even think we were drinking moonshine. Extremely refreshing, smooth, solid watermelon flavor and less sweet than Lemonade. Man, this is by far one of our favorite watermelon flavored drinks we have ever tasted.

Midnight Moon Moonshine has many flavors to go with any occasion.

Testing these Moonshine Cans were a hit around the office. The flavor was spot on, crispness was there, smooth finish was felt (oh boy was it felt) and the 8% ALC/VOL does the job in a very short amount of time. We couldn’t believe it was moonshine-but then again, when it tastes this good does it really matter?


There are some noteworthy aspects of Midnight Moonshine we dug:

  • The vast amount of flavor options leads us to believe Moonshine is the next big wave of portable beverages this next season
  • The flavors were really clean and tasted amazing. No gimmicks either which we love
  • The cans make hitting the beach, park, or back yard BBQ the next party pleaser
  • The ability to mix moonshine recipes on their website gives plenty of options for a wide range of drink palates.

Midnight Moon Moonshine offers so much smooth flavor that it is hard to highlight it all. So don’t just read our review- go visit them and see for yourself!


What, canned moonshine is not enough? We get it. Midnight Moonshine offers a featured recipe page to mix up your own concoctions- Flavors like Watermelon Limeade Slush and Strawberry Basil Lemonade are just a few examples.

moonshine recipes with midnight moon

Overall duuude Factor: Midnight Moon Moonshine is the Only Moonshine Worth Drinking